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Success Story of Hemant Swaroop

Executive Summary:
6 years ‘success-experience’ in political lobbying, geopolitical partnering, new business modeling  & global business intelligence research for  boosting cross country political, economic, technology & social ties. My ongoing country-to-country partnering and lobbying successes include
·      Global win-win geopolitical posturing with targeted country-to-country engagements leveraging evolving political necessities, ideology sensitivity, strategy-priority & cultural essentials.
·     Represent interests of stakeholders in embassy, trade commissioner’s office, public, business, political parties & NGO’s at global forums and international political meets.
·     Innovative cross border political cooperation, business partnering, cultural & social connects
·    Educate, advise and mentor ambassador’s office functionaries, pre-identified Country Ministers, C-suite leadership on emerging geopolitical, socio-Political-business necessities.
·     Effectively manage public opinion through multichannel PR and acclaimed celebrities’ support.
·     Use statistical analysis to build predictive country intelligence reports and adaptive tactics.
·     Providing lobbying & research support to embassy functionaries, corporate & opinion-evangelists.
·     International trade proposals with legislative, economic, technological & social partnering.
·     Coordinate conflicting priorities within tight deadlines to meet challenging work targets always.
·    MS Office365 (cloud): Outlook (Emails/Calendars), Excel (Budgets), PowerPoint Presentation.
Work Experience:
KOTRA - Commercial Department of Embassy of The Republic of Korea (South Korea) - July 2014 till Present: Assistant Manager – Projects & Investments.   

  • Well researched advice to Government agencies, embassy departments and selected corporate.
  • We do organize 3-4 events/conferences/seminars on monthly basis for our delegation and Korean representation in India.
  • Track global developments to build consensus amongst stakeholders across political & trade policies: country specific and United Nations’ identified.
  • Spread awareness of South Korea’s key Political & business interests: in Indian Press, Academia (Universities, Schools), Political & social opinion leaders.
  • Develop & deliver trend-setting plans to build unique success stories in priority areas
  • Spread awareness on Indian Anti-Corruption and Bribery laws among Korean Companies.
  • Increase mutually beneficial Government to Government Engagements & partnering.
  • Help develop India’s annual event calendar & facilitate participation in offshore Political meets and events e.g. Prime Minister’s delegation and select Chief Ministers’ delegations.
  • Organizing events with complete responsibility for logistics, meeting schedules, promotional materials, draft market research and briefing materials within tight event-budgets.
  • Harmonize India engagement challenges, mitigate conflicts, lobby for favorable decisions at central & state levels, bridge chasms in Political, business & social  engagements
  • Customer Relationship Management: manage existing customers & build new customers.
  • Advising Korean companies about different aspects of India market entry and friendly country coordinated market entry strategies with extensive market / product research using specialized tools, databases and agencies.
  • Business-partner search: Understand client's product, its application, target market & suggest appropriate business-models & selection criteria for appointing local business partner(s).
Inward Investment
  • Identify & establish contacts between Indian State Government officials & Korean Companies.
  • Build contacts with who’s who of Indian Industry, Bureaucracy & Politics for targeted lobbying.
  • Tracking corporate expansions, mergers & acquisitions, establish contacts to showcase strengths of South Korea by presenting their key competitive advantages & capabilities
  • Sustain win-win relationships with national & international trade focused specialized agencies.

India Center Foundation (Duration: July 2009 to June 2014)
Designation: Executive Assistant, Government and Corporate Relations. Reporting to Founder Chairman

India Center Foundation (ICF) a not-for-profit organization boosting India's nation building by working as a catalyst between Indian policy makers, businesses and Japanese corporations and government.

  • Worked closely with Central & State Governments, Embassies/Trade Commissions, Politicians, Agencies, Apex Business Bodies & Corporate houses (India & global) for promoting greater Political cooperation and beneficial international Trade in priority areas with cross border investments.
  • Leveraged collective clout of Ministers, key Politicians, Policy Makers, Think Tanks, Business & Opinion Leaders, Academicians & Media leaders globally to spread inclusive growth for 1.2 billion Indians.
  • Member, Core Planning Team - India-Japan Global Partnership Summits 2011 & 2013.
  • Connected concerned ministers at the Center and State Governments with business collaborators & policy visionaries to actualize India development projects with active Japanese support viz. Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor ( www.dmicdc.com).
  • Helped Japanese companies identify expansion opportunities with due diligence of firms for FDI & joint ventures.
  • Facilitated better Political partnering amongst nation-allies, different business collaborators, and social innovation partners to accelerate centuries old Indo-Japan cooperation.
  • Interact with Directors/Committee Heads to facilitate ongoing projects & upcoming agendas.
  • Promoted & monitored ICF’s trendsetting business-politics-society collaborations –globally.

In my current role at KOTRA at South Korean embassy I leverage my vast political links to forge reliable ties, better understanding of emerging international relations’ necessities and beneficial deals while removing ideological or regulatory hurdles. I help actualize beneficial political dialogues, organize and manage foreign trips of ministers of central and state cabinets, finalize business collaborations and help ambassador’s office with persuasive political lobbying to y enhance South Korea’s geopolitical positioning. To continually expand my arc of business influence and work success I help (for free) diverse ambassadors of friendly nations as well as their key corporate officials. My ongoing successes further fuel my varied tasks’ successes. These include –
Task Detail
Acclaimed Achievements

Enhancing community & students’ appreciation of globalization, international relations & geopolitics with friendly nations & organizations

Sharing latest global trends to enhance appreciation of partnering between nations & organizations to boost trade, cultural ties & political understanding

·   Geopolitics & International relations guest faculty at DU Colleges e.g. Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce- PGDIM course (Post Graduate Diploma International Marketing) & MBA/BBA College – JIMS
·   Globalization & Geopolitics trends & best practices speaker/panelist  at industry forums – CEO Forum-Delhi Chapter

Global trade & political partnering liasoning leveraging compelling marketing & strategy communications – messaging & writing

Creating breakthrough strategy documents &  well researched reports that are used by top bureaucrats, politicians and business thought leaders. This in addition to creating persuasive letters and presentations on global trade and international politics for students (for my teaching sessions) and global industry meets (my speech and presentation documents). My highly acclaimed  business communication and international political partnering strategy documents are currently used by Prime Minister’s office & global corporate. These include:

·    Got the Indian government and leading Politicians in the ruling party (UPA-II) to agree to Trans-Asian Buddhist Circuit (TABC) strategy that I helped co-create to boost India-Japan cultural exchanges by modernizing Asian Buddhist nodes with better infrastructure
·   Developed breakthrough SKAC (Smart Knowledge Agriculture Corridor) strategy document detailing use of latest agro-tech & government-business cooperation to usher in India’s 2nd Green revolution with 5 P's (Policy, Processing, Packaging, Preservation, Power) to accelerate rural-urban transformation. It is this blueprint of rural development that Narendra Modi government has liked and is extensively using it in their decision making.
·   Routine intra office and interoffice communication spanning emails, presentations and strategy notes to help overseas corporate enter India, accelerate India expansion and overcome sticky policy obstacles with my proven communication dexterity.
·   Persuasive and enlightening presentations for different business forums for partner country panelists along with their well researched messaging strategy and briefing notes.

Regularly Monitoring & Advising embassy officials, political leaders & business thought leaders on emerging global opportunities & international  Issues:

A regular invitee at industry, diplomatic events (Ministry of External Affairs & Friendly nations’ embassies) I further my human rights promotion passion at select global events. I leverage my vast network, deep domain research skill, social welfare passion and persuasive communication expertise to apprise & advise embassy officials,  politicians, government officials, think tanks & community champions on latest events and opportunities arising from policy changes and strategic geopolitical posturing. My ongoing successes are

·      Helping NCR Corp a US based financial services & products pioneer-leader boost its reputation and social image with government functionaries through targeted CSR engagement & social innovation interventions involving its key personnel and employees.
·      Helping an investors’ delegation from USA  in renewable energy planning to visit India in October 2015 with  a well researched strategy pitch and communications outreach plan. Post my successful pitch  Telangana government  agreed to host their visit as esteemed state guests in their capital city of Hyderabad. 
·      I created a strategic networking framework post recent launch of Digital India drive of Indian government to connect  Mr. Samiran Gupta - Head ICANN India with Mr. Rajender Pratap Gupta - policy  thought leader for the ruling NDA. Mr Pratap had earlier co-authored NDA's 2014 election manifesto and is the point man for any policy level talks regarding digital technology innovations to help transform India at the grass root level. 
·      Connected Costa Rica Ambassdor to Bollywood  Films Producers association to convince them to choose this scenic nation for future film shoots to boost its global tourism branding.
·      Helped Nepal Embassy to attract more funds to help the nation rebuild its economy and society post the recent  earthquake. I convinced many top business houses to contribute generously and advised Nepal Embassy officials to leverage emerging CSR funding opportunities.
·      Used my political and bureaucratic contacts and business strategy expertise to amicably settle a tricky Rs 1.5 crore (US$350,000) penalty issue between South Korean L S Cable & Haryana government’s HSIIDC with zero penalty  and a generous 3 years grace period.
·      Active go2man for Ambassador’s office to defuse crisis situations and arrange urgent meetings with top politicians and officials in key regulatory organizations to enhance engagement outcomes for select people in government, PSUs, business groups, global support communities & niche NGOs.

Embassy & corporate political & business outreach support including targeted representational help

Realizing that the world today needs consistent progress across different partnering & collaboration opportunities across political, business & culture arenas I am always expanding  my work horizon to include helping ambassadors of different friendly countries and key global corporate. My recent achievements are

  • Helping USA Business Conglomerate NCR Corp  resolve their differences with different  government & political functionaries at Central and state governments on an ongoing basis. I support their sensitive government relations’  liasoning with evolving  industry and political insights using industry experts and political heavy weights. I consistently enhance their CSR led social innovation image to help build better bridges with key government officials and politicians .
  • Regularly convincing top Cabinet Ministers & powerful government officials by presenting well researched industry findings and strategy reports to pass favourable decision in their meetings with LG Chemicals Group Vice Chairman & CEO. During their India trip organized by me. This included Minister of Chemicals & Fertilizers - Mr. Surjit Kumar Chaudhary – the Secretary Chemicals & Petrochemicals.
  • Conceived & lobbied  for win-win participation of South Korean firms in Indian government’s nationwide Smart City initiative with a series of favourable meetings between Mr. Venkaiah Naidu Urban Development Minister, Government of India & Samsung - LG leadership & leadership of India’s top PSU -Engineering Projects India Ltd
  • Secured all regulatory permissions with consistent political backing of party in power for Samsung to start Skill Development Centers in the sensitive NE India region viz. Guwahati, Sikkim. I helped develop a comprehensive plan to open more centers across North East to boost education & work-skills to generate more political goodwill for future expansion as NE region development is a top priority of central government.
  • Impressed ministers and government officials in India and Japan by creating new business models of private public partnership in key areas of skills development, education & tourism involving friendly nations in Europe & Asia.
  • Organized meetings between M.P. Amar Singh (political ‘king maker’)  and German embassy counselor to apprise German officials about possible outcomes in proposed state assembly elections in the states of UP and Bihar. This was done to facilitate German investment into these politically sensitive states.
  • Won over different Japanese politicians and policy makers to enhance outcomes of different India Japan Cultural exchange programmes.
  • Established a vast network of specialist vendors in India & Japan for lobbying and PR.
  • Business networking and event strategies for innovative Business and Cultural Summits

Overseas & Indian Dignitary & officials’ Visits’ Management

Visits management from a protocol, itinerary planning and active personnel support (strategy, communication & posts visits liasoning) is a key success-expertise that helps me deliver better outcomes. My ongoing successes include:

  • Part of Core Team which managed the recent visit of Mr. Joo Hyunghwan, Minister of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE) to India on 17-18 June 2016.
  • We organized KOREA – INDIA Infra & Industry Forum 2016 which was attended by all VIP’s from both the nations. Also launched KOREA PLUS Desk and signed new CEPA agreement.
  • Part of core Team which managed the complete schedule of Indian Prime Minister’s visit to South Korea - 18-19 May, 2015. I worked closely with Prime Minister’s office and Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry.
  • I travelled to South Korea to personally oversee key elements of the Indian Prime Minister’s visit and attended different meetings to take vital decisions relating to official discussions on country to country partnering on socio-economic-geopolitical issues..
  • Organized the first ever India – ROK CEO Forum (invitees, visit planning & event participation) chaired by Indian Prime Minister and  South Korea President along with top CEO’s, bureaucrats, policy makers, think tanks from both countries on 19th May 2015. 
  • Single handled managed the successful visit and outcomes of Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Government of India to South Korea from 6-7 May 2015 along with her officials & business leaders’ delegation.
  • Organized successful overseas business trips, finalized win-win trade pacts & political partnering with social bonding for different visits by PM, Cabinet Ministers, State CMs (Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana) and corporate honchos.
  • Successfully created global trade and friendly geopolitics’ events and persuaded top politicians to participate in two India - Korea Business Partnership Summits that I expertly organised: Seoul 17-18 Sep ‘14 & Delhi- 19 Nov ‘14, with top ministers, bureaucrats, business leaders, academicians & social evangelists as attendees.
  • Successfully resolved complex visits related issue-deadlock and/crisis communications e.g. when a key speaker at India-Korea forum Mr Amitabh Kant (DIPP Secretary) refused to attend, I got Prime Minister’s office to intervene on our behalf to successfully persuade him to travel to South Korea and speak at the event as originally planned. I managed his complete visit protocol and speech publication support.
  • Ensured success of overseas trips of politicians & government officials by organizing well planned pre-visit briefing sessions with key embassy officials and global corporate representatives. These included politicians and officials from Rajasthan, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and  Andhara Pradesh. For some people it was their first overseas visit and they needed considerable handholding viz. expected visit protocol, meetings agenda, research briefing and planned outcomes goal setting support
  • Regularly organized invites and visits of overseas dignitaries to key political and business events in India and leveraging their India visit to include meeting with key officials to meet planned business and political goals. I arranged different seminars’ VVIP invites for ambassador and overseas officials for The Economic Times Global Business Summit 2015
  • I regularly manage and expertly facilitate visits to India of powerful overseas journalists and help them with their meetings and news reporting - senior Journalist Mr. Kim, Se Hoon, of top Korean newspaper "The Kyunghyang Shinmun" visit 09 - 16 June 2015. He  visited India in connection with his article on food security and agriculture sector in India. The journalist also wanted to research and write on emerging social and human rights issues and I facilitated his meetings with select slum dwellers, farmers’ groups, rural folk, social activists, politicians, bureaucrats and key policy and business opinion leaders.

Community Welfare Initiatives
  • Guest faculty on geopolitics & international relations at top colleges: Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce & JIMS.
  • Donating 2 days/week to a NGO National Association of School Professionals as a Consultant.
  • Organizing World Environment Day (5 Jun) with School Students and Industry experts.
  • Organizing World Diabetic Day (14 Nov) School students learning wellness tips from doctors.
  • Organizing World Health Day (7 Apr) healthy living & life-winning tips for school students
  • World No Tobacco Day (31 May) for students with industry, NGO & government participation.

Co-Curricular Activities and Achievements
·   Organized Industrial tours, trips & Industrial volunteering in academics sessions in college.
·    Organized Global Stone Technology Forum II edition - Jaipur with CDOS, FICCI & RIICO - 2007.
·    Organized 1st Resurgent Rajasthan: Partnership Summit Jaipur with RIICO and FICCI2007.
·    Coordinator for XI State Level Games 2007- Jaipur (Special Olympics Bharat Rajasthan).
·    Social welfare activities and sports Head of the House in school for 2 consecutive years.
·    Captained School Football Team for Inter School Competitive Sports Programme - 2000.
·    Distinctive Performance Certificate (top 1% percentile): 5th National Science Olympiad -2003.

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