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Success Story of Globalite Shreyansh Jakhetia

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Tapan V. Nahar for considering me to write about my journey at Global Institute of Technology. I passed out in the year 2014 and have done my engineering in Electronics and Communication.
Like a lot of other students, I realized it pretty soon that Engineering is not my cup of tea. The classes became cumbersome and exams a severe headache. The only reason I didn’t get a back was the reality(I remember this from the first day of our induction) that eventually I’ll have to clear the papers so why not do it in the first time.
I was a member of NEN at the college and that is where I found my interest in management side of things. I decided to go for either management studies or becoming an entrepreneur.Now, I had already committed the mistake of following the rat race in pursuing engineering. (I am calling it a mistake because I never felt at home when I was studying the subjects.) I realized it little too late. This time, I wanted to be sure about my decision of going along with MBA. So, I did an internship in sales and marketing after my 2nd year with Reliance Telecommunication which I enjoyed a lot. That was the day I decided to go for an MBA. The year was 2012.
I started my MBA coaching right after that. But, by that time, my percentages had already taken a hit. After 3rd semester I had 63 % as aggregate. I knew, in order to get into a good college, I need to make it at least 70%. Other than academics, I needed to improve my CV and prepare enough to get a good percentile in the management entrance tests.
I believe in a quote said by Steve Jobs that, “if you want to be successful, deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.” So, I stopped playing football, sitting at thadis, watching movies, chilling with friends, etc. My only focus was getting into a good B-school and what I needed to do in order to achieve that. This is what I did:

  •     In order to score better percentage, I knew, I need to score good in internals. So, I started paying attention to my professors. This developed a positive relationship between me and my professors which went a long way in molding my career.
  •    I started working hard on the engineering subjects in order to score good marks. Every mark was important for me in order to achieve the target of 70%
  •     My coaching for CAT was going on simultaneously, I used to devote at least 4 – 5 hours daily to English and Maths
  •    To improve my practical knowledge, I started my own company, became founder and an active member of an NGO, reading books and penning down on internet in the form of a blog
  •    Started talking to a lot of successful people, inside and outside of the college. This helped me a lot in order to get new ideas and clear my head
But I committed some mistakes also, one of the biggest was to stay in hostel due to my roommates. I was unlucky in the way that in final year, my roommates were not that great and created a lot of trouble for me. This in turn hindered my studies. My CAT result was not great. I screwed up my English paper, in the end managed only 89 percentile in CAT. The last shot I had in order to get into a B-school was to clear CMAT with a top score. For that, I rented a room outside for a month (I did it half heartedly because the facilities in the hostal were much better than what I got in the rented room) and gave my everything. The decision of changing room bore fruit and I scored 99.50 percentile in that exam and got calls from Goa Institute of Management (GIM) and K. J. Somaiya, two elite MBA schools. I converted both the interviews. In the end and chose to go for GIM.
I could have reappeared for CAT next year so as to get into an IIM but the idea of taking drop for one year didn’t appeal to me, so I went ahead with GIM. And it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. I also cleared interviews of Tech Mahindra and TCS in GIT. The overall learning which I got while preparing for CAT aided me a lot during the interview process of these companies.
I went to Goa Institute of Management and had the time and learning of my life. All the things, which I didn’t dopreviously, I did them in GIM. I had achieved a part of my dream and I was celebrating for that. But the ultimate aim was to get into a good company with a good profile. I had to work hard to achieve that but it was not tough as my base (what I did during my engineering) was strong.
Eventually, I got into Radio Mirchi (one of the elite media companies and biggest Radio company in India) with a sales and marketing role. My interview lasted for good 40 minutes. My hard work of 4 years (2012 – 2016) culminated into those 40 minutes. As of now, I work with Radio Mirchi in Delhi and it has been good 4 months. I am doing what I always wanted to do.
Well, this is just the starting. I have a long way to go. I haven’t done anything out of the world and initially, I didn’t want to write this but then I knew how hard it was for me to find the right way. I took help and guidance from a lot of my seniors from GIT. If my story can aid even one junior in anyway, it will be a payback to the college, to those seniors and professors who helped me out.
A lot of us realize after starting engineering, that this is not what they wanted to do throughout their lifebut believe me that it is not the end of the road. You can still make your own path. Just believe in yourself and get serious about your dreams. Last piece of advice, do what you love every day for at least one hour. At the end of 4 years you will have a minimum of 1461 hours of practice behind you which is a solid base. Then you’ll just have to build on that.

Shreyansh Jakhetia

Management Trainee

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

With Director Mam, Principal Sir, TPO Sir and other students after getting placed in TCS
With Sarath Babu founder of Foodking at GIM
With RJ Naved at Radio Mirchi office

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  1. A lot of people failed at what you accomplished, simply because they were busy finding problems while you were busy finding solutions. Well done. Congrats..🎉🍻 @Shreyansh ..