Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Success Story of Shekhar Suman (2010-14 batch)

It was 18th July 2010, when I took admission in Global College of Technology. After having a horrendous 10+2 schooling and seeing my parents’ shoulder drooping with every passing month, I finally got admission in GCT based on my AIEEE score. That first sight after entering the college main building is still fresh in my mind and will always be. Right above my eye level was the placement board, hung proudly on the wall, imprinted with the names of the seniors who had made a significant mark in their respective lives. It might sound a bit clich├ęd, but that very moment changed the entire course of my life.
The sole dream for me then was ‘To get a small corner on that placement board displaying the name ‘SHEKHAR SUMAN’.
And with that, started my 4 year long marathon to achieve that dream.
I studied very hard in the first semester itself because I believed that whatever impression one makes in the beginning carries through till the end. Studying late nights, doing assignments regularly, giving my best in practical classes, negligible bunking and many such things were a part of my daily routine in 1st year. Eventually, my hardwork paid off and I turned out to be the branch topper in GCT in RTU 1st semester university exams and that performance continued more or less in every semester from thereon.

Creativity in Lab file

But academia is not what the market demands these days and as I stepped into the 3rd year of engineering, I realized that it’s time to shift aside the core books and go for technical stuffs. (Programming languages like C, C++, Java etc). Although I had least interest in them but I knew that if I had to make a mark in the college placement board, I needed to be better, if not the best. I have never been a coaching-seeking sort of a person. Be it 10+2, engineering or any other subjects, I never liked going to coaching centres. And so was the case this time as well. I tried to study the language ‘C’ on my own and eventually developed some interest. But then, that could never do enough. So, finally I joined RAT (Coaching centre) and I must say that it helped me a lot. But yeah, I did not linger more than a month there. By the time I left RAT, I had sufficient knowledge to work on and then I opted for self study and indeed that helped me the most.
But as it is said- ‘Your mistakes do make you regret later on’. Not having 70 % in Class 12th debarred me of several placement papers. It was demotivating for a while but then I turned my aim towards GATE preparation. At least, here no one would debar me because of my past scores. I studied hard for GATE. Meanwhile, TCS arrived in Arya College and luckily for me, it had 60 % as baseline for applicants. I did well in the aptitude exams and got called for interviews. 7 hours it took for me to reach from Jaipur to Delhi and I spent all those 7 hours reading/understanding/mugging the book, ‘Let Us C’ for I knew that this is the single chance that I have, to make my dream come true, a dream that has been with me for the last 4 years.  I had splendid interview and the results were to come in 15 days time period. So, to make the best use of those 15 days, I studied hard for GATE, as I had to keep my options open.  Meanwhile, I also went for placement drive of one of the newly started company (Larger in respect of Jaipur) – GirnarSoft Pvt Ltd (www.cardekho.com).
And then, finally came those rewarding 3 days of my life that are still cherished proudly by me considering the circumstances.
26th March 2014 – Offer letter from TCS
27th March 2014 – Cleared GATE 2014 (Mind you, just cleared ;)
14th April 2014 – Offer letter from GirnarSoft Pvt Ltd.

This is all about my career at the end of my college days. Whatever I achieved, I owe that to my parents, my teachers/professors, my seniors, my friends, my juniors and last but not the least, my lady luck, and to all those that played a significant part in my life.
A big warm thanks to everyone.
As far as my life after college is concerned, I joined GirnarSoft Pvt Ltd (www.cardekho.com) in June 2014 and left in September 2014 to join TCS and then left TCS in May 2015 to continue with my studies to get a good government job (for mine and my parents’ satisfaction). And currently, I am an Assistant Manager in Small Industries and Development Bank of India (SIDBI), posted in Gujarat.
On a lighter note, I am yet to complete one year in any organization and I am still studying to continue with that record.

‘Dream come true’

At the end, I would like to thank Shri Tapan V Nahar Sir for considering me to share my story on the portal.
God bless you all.

Shekhar Suman
Assistant Manager 


  1. Proud of you mate! Glad to be your batch-mate and hostel budddy ;) Cheers!

    1. Proud of you too bro... for the milestones you had achieved during college days and after that as well.