Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Success Story of Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav began his career with Capgemini in 2008 till 2012 and gained enough knowledge and experience to start his own venture by the name of Near You Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  The core area of their work is developing cloud based solutions integrated with proximity technologies working in real time space.
The company entered the International market in 2013 with projects for UAE. The sheer grit and enterprise of Gaurav Sharma has helped their company to soar ahead of others.
Nearyou Technology and Solutions started in March 13, 2012. It was founded by Ajay Dabaria and Gaurav Sharma with primarily focus on NFC technology. The aim of company was to provide NFC technology based products and solutions in Indian and middle-east market.
Currently it employs 7 developers in its Udaipur based office headed by Ajay Dabaria as technical head and 9 people in Dubai office headed by Gaurav Sharma as Director. Nearyou has partnered with Dubai based company Dubai Leading Technologies to provide NFC based solution in UAE market.
Gaurav and Ajay have also partnered with owner Mr. Senthil of Dubai Leading Technologies to register a company in Singapore named “Nearyou Leading Technologies”. Indian company became 100% subsidiary of this company with holding company. We also raised 150K USD from Mumbai based investor for operations and growth. The aims of this company to increase credibility of Nearyou as our plans were to grow as Global level in future.
We are the first company to setup NFC online store in India in 2012 end of the year. We have successfully implemented projects with Sharjah government, Al Ain Government and serving more than 250 customers as of today.
Our core area of work is developing cloud based solutions integrated with proximity technologies working in real time space.
NTSPL provides the usual bunch of NFC enabled products such as tags, posters, smart strips and key chains, available through their online store and also distributed through their partners and sales team. However Gaurav says what makes them unique is currently, they are the only company in India and UAE to offer the entire NFC solutions suite i.e., products, consultancy and solutions. “We have a web based platform to manage the NFC tags and codes which enables people to get analytics of every deployed NFC tags in the field as well as change the content of the tag real time from any place,” says Gaurav.
Gaurav is optimistic about the potential of NFC and says they are looking at expanding operations to sectors such as healthcare and retail.As developers, they are confident of their solution and its potential. But a key challenge, according to Gaurav is the market of low-end phones – which do not have the NFC technology and therefore makes it difficult for mass adoption. The company is in talks with manufacturers to launch low end NFC enabled phones to increase the reach of their technology to a larger customer base.
Gaurav explains the eco system for this technology is still not well developed in I
ndia and the lack of awareness and understanding of NFC technology and its usage is making it difficult for them to expand their operations. At the same time with their current expansion and penetration in the market, the company is optimistic that the scenario will change by end of 2013.

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