Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Abhishek Johri is Research Scientist at Hitachi, Center for Technology Innovation, Japan.

Globalite Abhishek Johri is 2006 Batch Alumni of Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur. He completed Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication Streem.  Mr. Johri founded Robotics Club and Embedded Systems Club at Global Technical Campus. He was placed as a Hardware Design Engineer in Zdrive Japan from college with Highest package at that time. In 2009, He started M.Tech in Computer Architecture from The University of Tokyo. After completion of Masters Degree, Mr. Johri joined as Research Scientist in Hitachi, Center for Technology Innovation, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan. His areas of interest are Computer Architecture, Data Storage Systems, OS, Linux Kernel, File Systems, Digital Image Processing, Gesture Recognition and Human Computer Interaction. His popular patents are as following:
Computer system and volume management method for the computer system (US 20140101394 A1)
The present invention allows distribution of load generated by a single VOL to multiple processor units, by dividing the VOL into a plurality of smaller fractions called sub-VOL and distributing their ownership to multiple processor units. The division of a VOL is performed by dividing the control information of the VOL for plurality of sub-VOLs and (A) assigning VOL ownership to a processor unit for processing the tasks that are related to complete VOL (e.g. VOL RESERVE command) and (B) assigning ownership of each sub-VOL to different processor units for processing tasks that are specific to that sub-VOL (e.g. Read/Write commands). Thus the load on a singular sub-VOL owner processor unit becomes only a fraction of the total load generated by the VOL. The present invention helps in achieving a relatively even distribution of load among processor units. 
Storage system and control method for storage system (US 20140195573 A1)
An example of the present invention is a storage system comprising a first real storage apparatus including a plurality of real resources. The first real storage apparatus includes: real resource groups allocated to a plurality of virtual storage apparatuses; first management information for associating virtual resource identifiers individually assigned to real resources in a namespace independently defined for each of the plurality of virtual storage apparatuses with real resource identifiers individually assigned to the real resources in a namespace defined for the first real storage apparatus; and a controller for receiving a command including a designation with a virtual resource identifier, converting the virtual resource identifier in the command into a real resource identifier with reference to the first management information, and processing the command with the converted real resource identifier.

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